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In this paper I have tried to emphasize on the treatment of women in the writings of the first modern Hindi women writer, Krishna Sobti. I have taken up two of her later novels, Aye Ladki and Mitro Marjani. Aye Ladki, which is believed to be written after Sobti’s mother’s death, presents the picture of two different types of Indian women. Sobti’s fiction moves from the conventional image of women to their bold and independent incarnation. The first story is about a mother, who lived her life in a tradition-bound society and her daughter, who wants to live her life according to her own will, away from the influence of patriarchy. The mother in the text warns the girl against such intentions by quoting from her on life. The other novel which I have taken up deals with another kind of unconventional image presented by Sobti of a young newly married woman Mitro. Sobti depicts her to be very bold when it comes to the question of physical satisfaction in a marriage. The novel poses some very important but less spoken issues about woman sexuality in a very bold and clear tone.
Keywords: Conventions, Exploitation, Objectification, Marginalization, Stereotyping, Patriarchy.
Krishna Sobti is a writer who provides voice to the marginal. She is a bold writer whose novels spoke about the most unspoken issues of women life. The depiction of sexuality is no more a prohibited issue in her novels. Her characters are independent of all the restraints of orthodoxy,

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