Summary Of Ayn Rand's Dystopian Anthem

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A Paradoxical Sin Think of Divergent, except worse. In Ayn Rand's twisted dystopian Anthem, it illustrates a diary of a boy, called Equality 7-2521, who looks and thinks different than his peers, also known as his “brothers”. His 6ft nature and obscure curiosity leads him to some rather odd but refreshing discoveries. In this sort of community, reading, writing and thinking freely is taboo and forbidden. “It is a sin to write this”, begins the very deep-seated novel, through the course of his pilgrimage, Equality detects that doing what is prohibited is undeniably not a sin and his appraisal of this is appropriate. In the starting point of the story Equality is very obedient.…show more content…
And if the Councils had decreed that you should be a Street Sweeper, how dared you think that you could be of greater use to men than in sweeping the streets?" (page 53, paragraph 2). Devastated by the dreadful and unexpected news, Equality dashes into the forest and discovers Liberty 5-300, known as the Golden One has followed him. This lightens his heart, and causes him to remove the rest of his doubt, and recognize that being himself and being capable to complimentary think and feel as an individual and not as a whole. The pair stumble upon a home from the unmentionable times, and scrutinize their finding. Inside they discover books and strange maps their eyes have never seen before. Using this opportunity the duo read and absorbed all the information they could. Equality now accepts that learning and conclusively being himself is not a sin, and undoubtedly is not morally wrong. Creation of sin first came to play when Lucifer, one of the most intriguing, but greedy angels became obsessed with power, he desired to be higher the God, and that was his downfall the inception of sin was onset. Lucifer, renamed Satan set sin unto Adam, and forth sending sin down, for generations to come. Sin is described in the Bible as transgression of the law of God (1 John 3:4) and rebellion against God (Deuteronomy 9:7; Joshua 1:18). Reading or being one's self is simply not a sin. God made his 10
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