BIT Vs Commercial Ethanol

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As the researchers completed the process of making the product which undergone extractions and pre-treatment, different tests we’re conducted in terms of physical and chemical properties in relation to the commercial ethanol. For the physical properties of BIT and commercial ethanol, the ethanol showed different measurements in physical properties of BIT and commercial ethanol such as the density, smoke emission, and heat. Based on the given data, BIT and commercial ethanol are close to each other in terms of density and smoke emission. It can be assumed that there is no significant difference between the density and the smoke emission of BIT versus the commercial
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Kans grass or talahib grass was used as the primary source of ethanol in this study. It has undergone several tests such as pre-treatment, fermentation, and distillation in order to get the extract. Physical properties such as density, smoke emission and heat and Chemical properties such as combustibility and volatility were tested and compared to Commercial ethanol. In this study, the researchers performed trials and experiments to gather different measurements and data of the BIT and these were also applied into the commercial ethanol. After the performed trials and experiments, the gathered data were gone through analyzations and the formulated conclusions are as follows: The production of BIT may vary to the amount of water and the equipment used. Too much water may result in the unsaturation of the product BIT and deficiencies/errors may also deficit and affect the…show more content…
It will serve as an additive to petroleum gas. They will know the functions and significance of the product and how it will be effective to the community.
For the future researchers - they should use other current literature related to this research and theories that can be used as a reference to improve the study and make a deeper and broader understanding that may be applied in this research. It can help to support and to enhance the framework and outcome of this study. There are also topics emerge from this research that has not been emphasized. Future researchers may use and focus on those topics, so they can see other perspective and make improvements in the study that the researchers have not used.
Vehicle users -Once the government successfully produce this product, the vehicle users may utilize the product as an additive to petroleum gas. It will be environmental friendly and efficient. They can consume it for particular purposes and because of its functions and

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