Summary Of Billybob's Life

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Once a upon of time kid name Billybob came back from school on the last day school.He just got out of first grade.On June 15 he went to his dad for the summer.Billybob`s dad said “That we are going work on basketball for rest of the summer”.Billybob like now he going to play basketball for the rest of the summer. Now Billybob is now in the five grade at his first tournament.He is starting point guard.Billybob gets the ball and shoots his first shoot a three and he make it.Billybob`s dad was so proud of him.They win the game by 15 points.Billybob had 20 points.They go to the next round.They win that and went to championships Billybob was so happy for himself and his friends. Lastly Billybob in now in sixth grade on the basketball
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