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Romero was eager to get involved in the war that was going on between the military elites and the guerilla’s marxists in el salvador.The conditions worsened which made the terms for Romero more and more difficult,The Churches were desecrated but he could not remain just an observer of the whole thing.But then Romero resorts to the only thing he knew was best and that was making speeches.but the tenets that he preached to took into just the freedom and justice they wanted freedom and justice for their country. The government then sees Romero as a threat to El Salvador so then the government retaliates towards romero and they don’t like that romero was encouraging the people in El Salvador to retaliate against the government and fight for freedom.Also the Government would torture the people that Romero cared about the most because they just could not get to Romero and in the end of the movie the government finally got to romero and as Romero was preaching to those el salvadorians that would actually listen to what he had to say, He was preaching and giving a mass to the members of El Salvador.…show more content…
In bishop romero’s life he was a man who defied all orders that he was given and he only did what he thought was best for El Salvador and in the very end of the movie all the defiance that he showed ended up backfiring on the bishop and the bishop ended up being assassinated in the El Salvador’s sacred church. The church that all events happened in, The Church in which the bishop gave all his masses in. That Church is now known as the death place of Archbishop Oscar Romero who was assassinated on

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