Summary Of Blanche In 'A Streetcar Named Desire'

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Vocabulary Portiere-noun: A curtain hung over a door or doorway (p62) Narcotize-verb: Stupefy with or as with a drug (p70) Bestial- adjective: Of or like an animal or animals (p82) Discussion Questions Why do you think that Blanche would kiss the newspaper boy even though she had feelings for Mitch? If you were Stella would you let Stanley treat you the way he treats her or would you leave him? Explain your answer. What is the difference between Stanley and Mitch’s behavior? Do you think Stella will end up having a revelation and leave Stanley for another man who treats her with more respect? Literary Device : Imagery In the beginning of scene three a description is given of the poker night at Stanley’s house. There are many details…show more content…
Mitch is not married and his mother is ill. When Blanche and Stella return from their outing, the poker game has not ended. Stella introduces Blanche to Mr. Gonazles and Mr. Hubbell. Stanley does not speak to Blanche nor Stella in a nice manner. Stanley hits Stella on the thigh and Stella gets upset. Blanche is introduced to Mitch and each of them look at each other with interest. Stella and Blanche talk about the men and Stella thinks that out of all of the guys that Stanley will be the one who makes it because he has drive. Stanley tells the ladies to “hush up” and Mitch continues looking at the ladies throughout the rest of the game. Mitch later talks with Blanche. He tells her about the inscription on the cigarette case and how it was given to him a girl who was ill. Blanche tries to fish for complements from Mitch and Mitch ignores Stanley as he keeps shouting to him. Stanley goes into a rage because he is drunk and throws the radio out of the window. In his fit, Stanley tries to attack Stella and she and Blanche run upstairs to Eunice. When Blanche and Stella are upstairs, Stanley shouts for Stella, and she finally comes back down to him. Mitch comes back from around the corner and Blanche is terrified because she is not used to witnessing such violent events. Blanche is worried about her appearance, but still has a cigarette with Mitch. The next day Blanche
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