Summary Of Bonnie And Clyde: A Horrific Tragedy

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A Horrific Tragedy, Bonnie and Clyde. “I’m glad they went out like they did. It was much better than being caught.” stated by the petty criminal Roy Thornton, in his prison cell after he was informed that his wife and her partner were killed. Thornton served many years throughout his life under the supervision of authorities in the county jail in Texas. He spent his time thinking about his wife, the dissident named Bonnie Parker (DiNardo). Bonnie was born in in Rowena, Texas, and was raised by a poor widow. Parker was a petite young woman who rom childhood, had always been intrigued by wicked acts. She married Roy, of sixteen years; at the shocking young age of fifteen. Their relationship was not healthy, but by law they were married. They…show more content…
Portrayed through books, movies, and television shows. For example, the terrifying tale is told in a film named Bonnie and Clyde: ‘Til Death Do Us Part. The description of this film tells the legendary love and modern day american Romeo and Juliet story. It begins throughout both of the villains’ childhoods to the place where they died, in Louisiana (Arneson, Rosemary). Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde, by Jeff Guinn discusses the past twenty years in research and investigation of the stories and myths. It includes information about the truth at what happened during the time of Bonnie and Clyde and in-detail knowledge of the adventures and difficulties. Another story, Bonnie and Clyde: The Lives Behind the Legend by Paul Schneider releases information in a way that one is able to almost see it happening right in front of him or her. Paul’s way of description covers use of onomatopoeia to explain the story of Bonnie and Clyde (Burrough, Bryan). Lastly, A&E’s television series Bonnie & Clyde uses many modern day actors and actresses to carry out the story. These actors and actresses include: Emile Hirsch as Clyde Barrow, Holliday Grainger as Bonnie Parker, Sarah Hyland as Blanche Barrow, Lane Garrison as Buck Barrow, and many more
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