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In Brett Anderson’s review of the upscale New Orleans restaurant, Brennan’s, he explains his opinion of what it takes to be one of the top 10 restaurants in the city. Since the recent renovations Brennan’s has undergone, Anderson believes that it has saved itself from going out of business. He clearly states that he loved the restaurant by calling it “an exuberant, sprawling pleasure palace that is dead serious about its culinary mission.” His reasoning for stating this was that he believed the food was good as he explained how the head chef “restored the historic restaurant’s reputation for culinary excellence.” Another reason he loved the restaurant was for the atmosphere to which he noted at the beginning of the reviewing saying it was because of the…show more content…
The pure fact that Brennan’s had done renovations is what provoked Anderson to go to the restaurant in the first place as he talked about how the atmosphere had certainly improved. Towards the beginning of his review, Anderson also included the standout dishes along with the average entrée price. As he continued to review the food, he also talked about how the different dining room had changed because of the renovations the restaurant did and how hiring a new head chef has improved the food.
The reviewer made it challenging for the reader to pinpoint the criteria as to what he was reviewing, but as the audience continues to read it becomes more obvious. Throughout the entire review, Anderson gave much evidence as to why he liked eating at the restaurant. In the beginning of the article he up-talks the elegant dining halls the restaurant has and explained that they had excellent servers. Near the end of the review, he began to talk about what made the food so

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