Summary Of Caffeine: The World's Addiction

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The article I read was Caffeine: The World 's Addiction by Julia Turan. The article discusses caffeine and the effects it has on the human body. It starts out talking about what Caffeine is and a brief overview of the history of caffeine. How it was discovered, what it was used for, and what has caffeine in it. Then proceeds into what caffeine actually does to the human body and it 's effects on it. After that the article gets quite scientific into the make up of caffeine, what it releases, and the structure of caffeine. There were many things to learn from this article. Caffeine is equally addictive to humans as drugs. It was discovered over 5,000 years ago in tea and indian "black drinks" and began to be used in many other things such as chocolate and even pills or "energy shots". The article here leans more into what it actually does to the body. Between 15-45 minutes after ingesting a caffinated drink or food, the body begins to take in it 's effects. Thus, boosting the persons energy for five to six hours (adults). The caffeine itself actually distributes itself evenly throughout ones body. Heart, lungs, brain, and more. A standard cup of coffee contains around…show more content…
In conclusion I would reccommend reading this article. It 's very interesting to learn about how caffeine actually effects your body. The history was a great addition to the article because it really set the way for it go on by starting with a simple background that led into the more in depth parts. If I were to suggest anything to better the article it would definitely be to make for analogies in the scientific part of the article for readers who may have a harder time understand or lack the basic knowledge of molecules and chemicals. I would say the article is very accurate compared to other articles on caffeine and it 's effects. It 's easy to understand for the most part and starts off with interesting facts to help draw you in. Overall the article was well worth the read and anyone would
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