Summary Of Carol Dweck's Analysis

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1. *According to Carol Dweck, what are the essential qualities of fixed and growth mindsets? Do you agree with her analysis? Why or why not? (Chapters 1 & 2) Carol Dweck believes that essential qualities to a fixed mindset, is that you believe that “Believing that your qualities are carved in stone (Dweck 7).” As for a growth mindset, she believes it means “belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts (Dweck 7).” She also says, “The fixed mindset makes you concerned with how you’ll be judged; the growth mindset makes you concerned with improving. (Dweck 11).” In all honesty, I have to disagree with that because I feel like that there are many counterclaims that can go against her beliefs. An example being me. I’m in the middle, but I sometimes catch myself being pessimistic which causes me have a fixed mindset in certain aspects. The thing is, I don’t exactly worry about people judging me like she so boldly stated in her book. Also, I believe that as a person I can grow and do the impossible but I’m going to be honest, I’m not exactly one who’s all in when it comes to improvements. 2. *What kind of research methods and research…show more content…
The author gives examples as to how teachers have told students how they do good based on how they’ve done rather than what they have done. An example is “Growth-minded teachers tell students the truth and then give them the tools to close the gap (Dweck 110).” Even if the truth hurts, they still tell it but give advice afterwards. The author says steps to do so is through the children by reminding the parents “that praising children’s intelligence or talent, tempting as it is, sends a fixed-mindset message (Dweck 116).” Since children are the easiest when it comes to manipulating the way they think, it would be good to engrave a growth mindset in them already so that way they share it and teach it to their kids one
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