Summary Of Carol Gilligan's Self And Others Connect

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Self and Others Connected (Carol Gilligan)
Book definition/examples:
“When girls get disconnected, they rely on others to tell them what they feel, think, and know. Their shock and resistance to disconnection reveals the strength of their connection to childhood. This relational voice is needed in a time of self-help individualism, revealing the importance of Gilligan’s historical contribution to dialogic civility” (Arnett & Arneson, 1999, p. 161).
“When a girl comes into a relationship with herself, and recognizes her responsibilities for taking care of herself, the way she is connected with others changes. These changes set boundaries of the moral of conflict girls describe when responsibility for oneself conflicts with her responsibility to others” (Arnett & Arneson, 1999, p. 161).
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This does not make much sense, still, women persevere and care for others. Although, this disconnect does not go unnoticed. When a woman is in a clear state of mind and at peace with herself, as well as, the world the way she cares for others is dramatically elevated than when she is lost and helping others because it is her “duty.” Additionally, as a woman, it can be really hard to remember that putting yourself first is vital to maintaining healthy relationships. If women are in a positive state of mind this will carry over in the way they care for others. More importantly, being at peace and connected with oneself allows one to have better relationships with others.
Applied in life:
In chapter eight of Dialogic Civility, Arnett and Arneson dedicate the chapter to Carol Gilligan and her view on gender and moral voice. Essentially, Gilligan exposes that people have been unknowingly ignoring the voices and experiences of half of the human race (females). Gilligan also explains that

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