Catherine Called Birdy Book Report

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You are lucky, Little Bird, for you have wings. But you must learn to master them. Look at the baron’s hawk there on her perch. Just because she doesn’t flap her wings all the time doesn’t mean she can’t fly.”(Cushman 83). Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman is an amazing book that everyone should read. This book is about a 14 year old girl who is being sold by her father to a man who is willing to give money for her. During her beastly fathers hunt, Catherine tries to get away from all of the suitors. All she wants is to marry who she wants. While she is trying to get a plan of marrying anyone she wants, she helps people she goes through lots of experiences. For these experiences she starts being less selfish and self-centered. Some of these experiences include getting a little sister, seeing other people work and how she doesn’t have to, and lastly is being the lord's daughter and not getting a choice of marriage because of it. The experience that Catherine went through is receiving a…show more content…
But she finally realizes what life is about.“Just so, my family and Perkin and Meg and Gerd and Aelis and the barn cats and even my father are part of me, and I part of them, so even in my new life I will still be me. Mayhap I can so what I must and still be me, still survive and, please God, even thrive. I have grided my lions like a warrior from the Bible and am going forth to do battle with the enemy. He shall not find a comfortable prize he has won, this gray-eyed, sun-browned beauty. Amen.”pg 162. This quote is one of the most important quotes in the book. It links everything that has changed Catherine. It also shows change because at first she wouldn’t marry Shaggy Beard but now she will. The she starts to feel like as long as her friends and family are in her life it wouldn’t matter. Even though she doesn’tget a choice of marriage and might be upset about it she still has loved
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