Summary Of Cathy Jackson's 'Project Classroom Makeover'

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Adaptability is one key feature that humans have throughout their lives that separates us from other animals. Many people have a hard time adapting to certain situations without any aids so the introduction of newer technologies gives more people the ability to adapt to different situations at hand. Cathy Davidson brings this up in her essay, “Project Classroom Makeover” where she talks about the implementation of technology in the classroom and the power that computers have on the development of individuals. She also discusses mainly how technology has advanced with her program showing how technologies can be applied in different ways. Daniel Gilbert furthers the points about how people can adapt to different situations in his essay “Immune to Reality.” Gilbert also furthers his reasons about how people learn to adapt with the stimuli that lie around them. People can learn to adapt to many different situations the mainly now the situations that people must adapt to are ones within the workforce and changing technologies. In a more specific lens people can adapt to a lot more than we believe that humans can adapt to. One example related to what Oliver Sacks writes about in his essay, “The Mind’s Eye.” In this essay Sacks discusses how blind people adapt to the world in different ways dependent on how they became blind and how they personally deal with the blindness. The use of technology once hindered societies ability to adjust to new situations; however, technology has now
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