Summary Of Chain Stores By Virginia Postrel

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Chain Stores Many people believe that the chain stores make everywhere looks same which make people hate to travel. However, the author Virginia Postrel believes that the chain stores is making the city better and have a lot of advantages. This article is mainly praised about the chain stores which means a series of stores not only owned by same company but also selling the same merchandise. At first, Postrel use some examples such as some chain stores like P.F Chang’s. After that author talk about some disadvantage of the chain stores. Furthermore, she starts to explain her own ideas which is that the chain stores give people more convenience. Then he is citing some ideas to support his idea. Furthermore, his example has supported his ideas about the advantages of the chain stores. In his article, Postrel first use a citing some famous people’s ideas which is that every place looks the same to explain that some people think that too much chain stores make the cities less attractive. Then she starts using her ideas and examples to explain why she think the chain stores are good. First, she uses some examples of many famous chain stores to show that chain store can really improve the live quality in some towns such as the Chandler. The chain stores are not only improving the qualities of people’s life, but also lower their price and improve their service quality. What is more, the chain stores can also make people adapt a new life in some different cities faster and

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