Summary Of Chapter 11: Anglo-Saxons And Mexicans

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For this week I decided to write a summary of chapter 11: Anglo-Saxons and Mexicans. The new political ideologies were created between 1830 to the 1840s. These new ideas were influenced by pride and obvious racism. These beliefs inspired the idea that American Anglo-Saxons were the dominant force and that they should be the ones to shape the destiny of others. The idea of the American Anglo-Saxon race was influenced by the American Mexican war. That the Anglo-Saxons were superior to the Mexicans and that God had saved America for people of Saxon blood. Like previous chapter this chapter also delved into the mentality that other races were oppressed because of their own faults rather than the oppression of white people. White American could sleep better at night if the suffering of others was blamed on racial weaknesses rather than on the fact that whites were exploiting these people. In taking Mexican land the whites used the same excuse that they did when taking the land from Indians. The Mexicans had lost because of racial weaknesses and like the Native Americans they couldn’t take care of the land, and that the world would be a better place when a superior race spread further into the southwest. The whites proceeded to dehumanize …show more content…

He stated that wherever the Anglo-Saxon race had been they had advanced and improved the place. He described the Mexicans as lazy, ignorant, vicious and dishonest. This part of the chapter really made me want to summaries this chapter. In our Presidential race in the year 2015 you would think that we would have advanced beyond racial discrimination but it is pretty clear that is not the case. Donald Trump the front runner of the Republican party has described Mexican people in the same way that white Americans described them in 1842, and its just sad to see that no progress has been

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