Summary Of 'Chapter 12' By Linda Sue Park

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In “Chapter 12”, Linda Sue Park begins to bring the book to a close. At this point, Tree-ear is still traveling to the city Songdo. He walks and walks, making only one stop. Tree-ear stops to view a beautiful scenery of a valley cut through by a river. Furthermore, he continues voyaging until he finally reaches his destination: Songdo.
When Tree-ear does reach Songdo, he does not stop walking until he gets to the palace. He shuffles from side to side to get through the large crowd of people. Suddenly, Tree-ear is distracted. The passes a crying toddler reminding, him that he was once a child that lived in Songdo. Finally, Tree-ear makes it to the gate of the royal palace.
The guards look at Tree-ear as he approaches the gate of the palace.
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