Summary Of Chapter 16 By Henry Petroski

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In chapter 16 Henry Petroski talks about the horrible present situation of today’s road building industry. Henry indicates, the essence of flocculants outside its defeat garrulous among them, that is the current situation of road building industry. First Henry gives us some typical examples of fraud and abuse within and outside government. Recently, in North Carolina, an executive road paving company guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the US Transportation department and also conspiracy to laundry money. This case involves thirty-seven federal construction contractors. Totally more than 87 million over decade. And according to Henry, this example is just one of about eight cases involving paving companies that resulted from a sweeping …show more content…

Because the waste and improper construction also require constant repair and unnecessary maintenance costs. The low quality road, which had been perfectly demonstrated by the experience of Thomas Harris MacDonald, as chief of the Bureau of public roads. When he visited construction site, he found that there were lots of wasteful works and the bridges were more than likely wooden and not well built at all. Sometimes, company just take the highway funding for other purposes, like Boss Tweed who misappropriated public funds for his own benefits. Other companies raise the price of materials those sold to government without permission for its own …show more content…

Recently, Henry visited one of his old friend who is an architect. And his old friend told him, there are no local building code for this area, this thing made Henry to remember an old story write by Samuel C. Forman. During the time that Samuel just step into the construction business, once he was asked to collect some signed paper, and pick up some documents. Before he leaving on his assignment, he was given some five dollar bills, one or two of which he was to drop into a desk drawer. When Samuel questioned his boss about bribing city employers, his boss said everyone did this in New York. The bribe already became a daily

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