Montfleury In Cyrano De Bergerac

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character Montfleury in the play Cyrano de Bergerac being a hit with Roxanne. Whenever I looked at Tom, I thought of how Cyrano described Montfleury to his friend Le Bret as “.. That Silenus who cannot hold his belly in his arms, Still dreams of being sweetly dangerous among the women...” Tom had the fewest redeeming qualities of all of the Tech Reps. I couldn’t imagine an unpaid female to whom Tom “came-on” who would not laugh him out of the room. Tom was all mouth. And as for his false bravado, I was certain that he would soil himself in a second if something happened that made him think his life was in any danger. I had dinner with Major Thomas. I could tell something was bothering him and when I asked him, he told me about his mother…show more content…
Ain’t no one I’ve flown with over here shown any more guts than you did when you saved my ass the other day. By God! That’s what I’ll do. I’ll set the fuckin’ record straight all right!” I wasn’t at all convinced that he would actually do what he said. But I was starting to find the conversation more embarrassing, and it had become obvious to me that Don was a little drunker than I had first thought. I could see that he what he needed much more than a confessional was to go to bed. "Don, these guys here all like and trust you. That would be a real help if you could do something to get that lie put to rest.” He nodded in the affirmative as he looked right at me and said, “Yeah. Put to rest. Yer God Damned right. I’ll put that lie to rest.” I started gathering things up from my desk. “I was just about to wrap this stuff up and head for home, Don,” I lied,, standing up and picking the Tactical Doctrine from my desk and putting it under my arm. "Let 's go hit the sack, what’dya say?" We walked out of the building together and as we walked he spoke again. "Goddamn, Joe. I 'm really sorry I couldn 't confirm that MiG for you. Why didn 't you call me and tell me to look around? If I 'd seen your ammo hitting that MiG, I sure as hell would’a confirmed your

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