Summary Of Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain

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Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier follows the story of Inman and shows his struggles of being a soldier. This takes place during the civil war of 1861–1865. There are three main stories that test the accuracy of the historical events of the civil war in the book including the main character and his experiences.
Cold Mountain is a real place. At its highest point it is 6,030 feet. The mountain is located within the Pisgah National Forest. Inman is the protagonist. He is the main character, a soldier, and he has a wife named Ada. Inman is found to be a real person, and most details about him are true. However, the real Inman 's wife was named Margaret Henson. Charles Frazier, the author of the novel, is a direct descendant of the real Inman. The War Department Collection of Confederate Records, there is a military service
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“At the first gesture of morning, flies began stirring. Inman’s eyes and the long wound at his neck drew them” (Frazier, 1997, p.1). He was later transferred to hospitals in Danville, Virginia, and Raleigh, North Carolina. On October 11, 1864, he left the hospital in Raleigh to return to duty. Inman then deserted from the hospital. This sentence tells the audience that the hospital was not good quality. Many staff members at the confederate hospital were soldiers, with a few white civilians, numerous hired or forced slaves, and some women. The hospitals had to be on a railroad because often times the hospital was not safe and not far enough from the war. Trains were the quickest and most comfortable way to transport large numbers of patients. The hospitals in Atlanta and northwest Georgia took in soldiers able to travel by train who had been evacuated from field hospitals to the north. Hospitals were continually relocating so that the Federal’s couldn’t attack them. (Schroeder-Lein, 2016). In summary, Inman did not have the best medical care as a confederate and that was clearly proven to be very
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