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The amount of futuristic dystopian society stories is rising and the actual content is skewed towards the same subject time and time again. Charlie Brooker’s series Black Mirror is no change to the norm, addressing how the way we live our lives results in disaster. Fifteen Million Merits follows the protagonist Bing Madsen as he goes day in and day out on the cycle generating power for the construct the society takes place in. We are not shown much of the construct other than the cycle and the room that Bing lives in, depicting how the working class has very minimal space to do anything within their means of living. Within this story following Bing we see a sort of class system chillingly close to our own, the monster that is capitalism that…show more content…
In a top shot scene, we see all of Bing’s room all four corners fit very easily and one cane make out the protagonist very easily, this is how tiny this room is. Bing wakes up and does everything that the one would do in their daily life, brushing their teeth, showering, etc., etc. He gets in an elevator with everyone that is just standing around and making no conversation and Bing looks dead forward no emotion in his eyes. Once he gets to the room where they do the actual work in the building, cycling and generating power for the construct in their tight cramped corners. We are then introduced to a lower-class system in the episode the cleaners that are constantly berated and put down by the society they live in. There is also no surprise with this being the case as even most American’s consider a cleaning person of lower status, “Here are some average prestige scores for various occupations: physician, 86; college professor, 74; elementary school teacher, 64; letter carrier, 47; garbage collector, 28; and janitor, 22.” (Social World 8.3) They constantly put down the people within this class system which, the producers of the show want the viewer to see them as lower class to, as they constantly push that sort of ideal throughout the show. With shows that put down the cleaners and they have different brightly colored clothes and do not ever say a word or express emotions other than

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