Cheryl Harness's Young Teddy Roosevelt

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In 1998, Cheryl Harness published the simple yet forthright book titled, Young Teddy Roosevelt. Cheryl Harness is a very renowned author who produces picture book biographies. Harness is known for her simplicity in her books though being able to get right to the point and not losing interest in her audience. Harness portrays her books with beautiful illustrations and easy to read words in order to maintain her amateur readers, but still giving enough information to indulge her more intelligent readers. In the book, Young Teddy Roosevelt, Harness does a great job depicting a story of Theodore Roosevelt’s life with her graceful way of words and stunning imagery. In the novel, Young Teddy Roosevelt, the Harness talks about Theodore Roosevelt’s life from his birth to his first days of presidency. In the beginning of the book she talks about Roosevelt’s birth and his struggles as a child. Harness institutes Roosevelt’s illness a few pages into the book, expressing to the audience that he struggles with asthma. This illness played an instrumental part in Roosevelt’s life, giving him the mental strength to overcome the illness and with this motivation he became the strongest he had ever been. After this, the book starts…show more content…
When a young writer begins to gain interest in writing biographies and political figure this is a perfect book. Harness is so graceful in her writing, the way she can keep a book so simple, but still allowing herself to get the point across to the reader. Harness does an outstanding job in the way she only writes the important information of an individual's life. Harness does not like to write about little details about the person’s life, but instead just the significant parts. This way of writing would be great for a student in middle or high school writing a report or biography, using the K.I.S.S method, “keep it simple

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