Summary Of Child Observation

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Angelina is an eight year old child who is currently in the second grade at Abby Lane School. The child reported that she does not have any memories of her mother and father living together. She indicated as long as she has known they have always lived separately. Angelina indicated that she lives with her mother and grandparents in Levittown. She indicated that her grandparents are always nice to her. She indicated that she see her father on Wednesday and every other Saturday. The child reported that she has never had a sleepover at her father’s home. She indicated that she does not know why. However, she indicated that she would not like to sleep over her father house unless her cousin Olivia was also sleeping over. She indicated that her father lives with his fiancé Sarah. Angelina reported that Sarah has two children Max who is thirteen and Nicki, she is six. The child indicated that they are nice to her. She indicated that none of them do anything that makes her uncomfortable. The child reported that…show more content…
A mental status examination was conducted on the child. Angelina reported that she has trouble going to sleep. She indicated that she does not think of things that bother her so after while she falls asleep. Angelina reported that she always sleeps with her mother bed because she does not fit in her bed. Angelina stated that she and her mother share a bedroom. Angelina stated that she considers herself a happy person. She indicated that she becomes sad when she things about her mother and father not getting along. Angelina reported that she does not feel comfortable telling her father that his “yelling” makes her sad. She indicated that she cannot talk to her father because he becomes mean and “doesn’t understand her”. Angelina stated if she is sad and something is bothering her she can talk to her mother. Angelina reported that she often gets a lot of head and stomach
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