Summary Of Claudius's Speech In Hamlet

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This scene begins with Claudius speaking of Old Hamlet 's death, stating, "Yet so far hath discretion fought with nature//That we with wisest sorrow think on him//Together with remembrance of ourselves."(lines 5-8) These few lines express how Denmark is reacting to Old Hamlet 's death and reflects on Claudius character. Claudius is explaining that Nature has run its course and taken Old hamlet yet, while the country must grieve for him the must move on and take care of themselves. This reveals the short period of grief and Claudius ' justification for his quick marriage. It also reveals his selfish nature and reveals that he is attempting to quickly move the countries thoughts away from Old Hamlet 's death, foreshadowing guilt. Summarize…show more content…
This speech reveals to us that not only is Hamlet incredibly dismal over his fathers death and the wedding, but he holds a very low opinion of himself. Not only is he so upset that he contemplates suicide, he also compares himself as opposite Hercules, who is heroic and strong. Hamlet also reflects greatly on the theme of corruption. He reveals the corruption of his uncle who is a unfit for old Hamlet 's crown and has married his brothers wife without properly grieving for his brother. Hamlet also explains his mothers corruption as she appeared to be in love with Hamlet 's father yet was corrupt in her quick remarriage with little grief for her fallen love. Discuss the relationship between two characters. The comments can be directed towards family relationships, romantic relationships, subject/sovereign relationships, political relationships, and friendships. Are they foil characters? What U.T. could these relationships support? This scene reveals to us the relationship of Hamlet and Horatio, who are close friends. In this scene Hamlet and Horatio talk, reflecting on Hamlet 's struggles with his parents and using sarcasm to lighten the situation slightly. This demonstrates the extent of the friendship and Horatio 's position as a trusted confident, as immediately before this conversation Hamlet states how he must not speak of his troubles. The tone of their conversation also reveals their friendship as it is informal and

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