Summary Of Clytemnestra's 'Agamemnon'

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In this play the main themes include revenge, justice, deceit and fate, Clytemnestra kills her husband as revenge for sacrificing their daughter and his infidelity, while ironically she also was having an affair, she feels her actions are justified and the chorus of elders are swayed to believing her so many ethical strands have become tangled by the tragic history of the family of Atreus. The next play in the trilogy, the libation bearers, takes place about seven years after the events in agamemnon, orestes the exiled son agamemnon has returned ins secret by the commandment of Apollo, he comes back with vengeance as his sole purpose, Apollo’s oracle tells him that if he doesn’t carry out this quest, he will be served horrible punishments. The play opens with orestes and his friend pylades, son of king of Phocis, at the grave of agamemnon, where orestes was paying homage to his deceased father when he hears footsteps approaching, he hides at first but after he finds out its his embittered sister Electra and the chorus of slave women. Clytemnestra sent them to pour libations on Agamemnon’s grave to make amends because she had a dream in which she gave birth to a serpent that she breast-fed but the serpent drew blood along with the milk, this caused her to panic and see it as a possible wrath of the gods, orestes interprets the dream as him been the serpent that will bring about his mother’s demise. In this play the main theme is vengeance, intrigue and justice, Apollo sends
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