Summary Of Coca Cola Market Segmentation

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Coca cola Marketing Strategy Market Segmentation Geographic segmentation: Coca Cola has segmented the worldwide market on the basis of geographies. There are various divisions created for major regions of the world and heads of each division report to the parent company. Lot of autonomy is given to each division to run the operations. Place of consumption: Coca Cola sections the market on the premise of the place of utilization of the refreshment. The greater part of the utilization happens on introduce, for example, films, railroad station, eateries and so forth, while rest of it happens in homes. Product type: Coca Cola sections the market on the premise of the sort of items purchased by clients. The market is isolated into Cola items and non-cola items. Cola items at present give greater part of the incomes, however the extent of non-cola items is expanding. Demographics: Coca Cola fragments the market on the premise of demographics. The division is on the premise of age and also salary Target Market Coke 's advertisements essentially in view of youthful ages, along these lines, the youthful age is the objective market of Coke since they need to speak to Coke with the young and vitality however they likewise consider about the old individuals they take then as a co-target showcase. Positioning Once a business has chosen which portions of the market it will contend in, built up a reasonable photo of its objective market and characterized its item, the situating

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