Summary Of Conversations About Home And Let Me Try Again

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“Home is where the heart is” this is a saying that is commonly used in American culture but not often looked into that deeply. The place you call home is a place where you feel the most connected to, regardless of who or where it is. In the two poems “Conversations About Home” and “Let Me Try Again”, each poet talks about their experiences with immigration. “Let Me Try Again” was a poem meant for those who have either crossed the border, attempted to cross the border or have family that have crossed before. In “Conversations About Home”, Shire talks about the hardships she has faced and what and why she left home. The poem 's main audience is for those who live in Western countries that have immigrants and have an ignorant view on them coming and don’t understand the hardships that they go through. Although the two poems differ in their barriers, narrators and outcome, both Shire’s and Zamora’s poems communicates and creates an image to the audience of escaping home to two different audiences. In both poem, the narrators come from very different backgrounds with their experiences of immigration. In the poem “Conversations About Home”, Shire’s viewpoint comes from a Somali-Kenyan who travels to many countries to get where she is now (London). As a woman, Shire talks about what situations she could have encountered or has encountered on her journey. In paragraph three she says “But Alhamdulillah all of this is better than a scent of a woman completely on fire, or a truckload
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