Summary Of Cormac Mccarthy The Road

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In the last third of The Road by Cormac McCarthy, all of the Man and Boy’s belongings get stolen. When the Man and Boy finally catch up to the thief (with no name again), the Man furiously pulls out his pistol and makes him take off all of his clothes and shoes. The thief standing naked in the road is pleading for mercy, and the Boy is crying out loud to his father not to do this. However, he ignores his sons’ pleads and walks away pulling the Boy along. As they went on their way with the thief’s clothes the Man explains that they would have died. Then the Boy says something quite profound and states that we have already killed him anyways. The Man taken back from the boy had said went back to where they saw the thief and puts his clothes…show more content…
Then he finally understood that he had to leave his father alone to survive like he had been doing for his whole life. Then the most mysterious thing happens, a man walks up to the Boy and confesses that he has been following them for the longest time, and wants to take care of him. The Boy unsure if he should trust him asks him if he is carrying the fire. When suddenly a pregnant woman comes out of the bushes and gestures for the Boy to come with them; the Boy finally decides to follow them. After the man and boy’s journey ends, they learn that people will do absolutely anything to survive and will create excuses so they will not be blamed for what they are about to do. The book seems to have an underlying theme based on the old saying “survival of the fittest.” ‘Fittest’ can imply many things, but it shows that only the most physically fit will have a better chance of surviving. The word itself has a harsh tone to it, making it seem that to survive you must be able to do whatever it takes to do, even kill someone to ensure your survival. Even though ‘of’ is just a short word in the sentence, it has a big impact to it. ‘Of’ can show many things, but in my point of view it shows that something has possession over it. To be in control is a big
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