Summary Of Cormac Mccarthy's Blood Meridian

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In Chapter fourteen of “Blood Meridian” by Cormac McCarthy, it ends up being ridiculously crazy how they’ve changed their acts, it’s nothing new or different to them though, as they’ve just made it their regular way. The Judge and Bathcat buy two little puppies from a little boy, they didn’t plan to keep them though. They of course had to take the puppies lives for fun. The Judge threw them into the river for Bathcat to shoot dead as they were afloat. This part of the book really got to me. I can handle the gore of people being killed, honestly, as it’s became a regular thing to hear, but as my want to be a veterinarian, it gets to me more to hear of helpless, misunderstood animals to be killed, even more for no reason. Glanton ran an extremity of a fever, weirdly enough though, it caused him to go crazy and start shooting randomly in the town they were camped out in. The crew tied him down to a bed, but he eventually broke free of the restraints. In the act of breaking free, he took down the Mexican flag and tied it to the tail of a mule. Glanton caused it to drag the flag through the town, only for the mule to end up getting shot by the Mexicans along with two of his crew members. Throughout the rest of the chapter, Glanton’s group keeps parading around killing pretty much everyone in sight, trashing the towns they ride through, and obviously doing it all without a care. In the next chapter, chapter fifteen now, it’s mainly about Glanton’s new group recruit, a kid
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