Summary Of Corrie Ten Boom's 'The Hiding Place'

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In the book The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom, the reader journeys through the events that unfolded during the holocaust from the perspective of a Catholic. Corrie Ten Boom may not have fallen victim to the Germans, but she certainly didn 't agree with how the Germans were treating the Jews. Despite it being against the law, the Ten Boom family decided to lie in order to maintain the Jews safety. In this case it is simply to lie in because they are lying for the greater good of saving lives. When people make decisions they weigh the pros and cons, so when it came to the time where Corrie made her decision, she knew the good most definitely outweighed the evil. Corrie made the decision to lie and save the Jews because they are still people, it was God 's will, and the only person that should be feared is God. In the beginning, the Jews were treated poorly by the Germans, and no one really knew why. All the Ten Booms knew was that the government said treating them this way was right. This is because in the new government system, the Germans taught that the Jews were not people. Therefore, Jews did not deserve to be treated as such. This logic made no sense to Corrie and her family, in their heads the Jews were still people, and harming them was still a sin. Fully aware of the consequences, the Ten Booms determined that keeping the Jews safe was the honorable and honest thing to do. Therefore, the Ten Booms began to hide the Jews and live out a dishonest life. This was
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