Summary Of Creating Change By Laverne Cox

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In Laverne Cox’s powerful speech during ‘Creating Change 2014’ she talks about the violent injustices and police discrimination against the lives of trans women of color, throughout her speech she appeals to the viewer 's emotional connection to those in pain and the rationale want to stand up for what you believe in. She does this by using strong repetitive credible sources and hortative sentences. Within her speech Cox talks about all of the present attacks targeted towards trans women of color and when talking about them she brings in her own experience when she was younger and uses that to make her speech seem more credible about what she was saying. Cox states “ Some days I wake up and I’m that sixth grader who swallowed a bottle of pills because I did not want to be myself anymore because I did not know how to be anybody else.…show more content…
And- and we let them dictate the terms of who they are and what their story is.” When she says that, she 's appealing to the mental want of being accepted and wanting to truly be loved by someone for being themselves, and it 's a thing that a lot of people want in life so it can be associated to almost everyone. It 's one of her many ways of using the strength of mental love to make the viewers feel more passionate towards the point that she is trying to make. Laverne Cox has a beautiful way of speaking and appealing to the emotional and logical thinking of the human brain, she does it by talking about the things that people like to dance around and ignore, she as well does it in an exciting, powerful, and moving way. She is an experienced woman who was trying to get a message across to the viewers, that trans is
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