Summary Of Crispin: The Cross Of Lead

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Crispin: The Cross of Lead is a story about a 13 year-old boy who lives with his mother in the small village of Stromford, which is ruled by Lord Furnival. After his mother’s death, he runs away and overhears John Aycliffe the village steward discussing "a great danger." The steward sees Crispin and tries to kill him, but Crispin escapes. Crispin seeks out the village priest for help, but instead finds out that he has been declared a "wolf's head," which means that anyone can kill him. The priest gives Crispin the cross of lead that belonged to his mothers and tells him that he must leave the village immediately. Just as Crispin is getting ready to leave, he finds the dead body of the priest. Scared, Crispin runs away into the woods and meets a juggler named Bear and the two become friends. After traveling to the city of Great Wexly, Crispin and Bear encounter John Aycliffe who tries to capture Crispin. Crispin escapes, and Bear is…show more content…
John Aycliffe is cruel to the village people, he taxes them heavily, and he offers no freedom. He will stop at nothing to keep his power; therefore, he feels compelled to kill Crispin. John Aycliffe is this way because he is ruthless and greedy. He wants to kill Crispin because he wants to make sure he keeps his authority over the people of Stromford. Bear is a spy for the secret brotherhood uprising disguised as a traveling juggler. He meets Crispin and forces him into servitude that led them to becoming friends. He looks out for the safety and survival of Crispin. He is loyal, kind, and honorable. She is the widow of Lord Furnival. She is wealthy, powerful, and wicked. She is the person who gave John Aycliffe the order to kill Crispin. Lady Furnival is the way she is because she wants to hold onto her position and power over the people of Stromford. If Crispin were to calm his rights to Lord Furnival’s fortune, she would lose her position, wealth, and
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