Is Wealth In D. H. Lawrence's The Rocking-Horse Winner

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The world is controlled by the economy. It’s a deathly cycle that never ends. People wake up every day and go to work or to school, anything that leads them to earning money. Money controls the world. Without money we are nothing, for we cannot survive if we cannot buy food or water. Some people, however, want to be wealthy in order to impress other people. For example, the mother in the story, The Rocking-Horse Winner already has a great amount of money, but wishes to be more wealthy. The story was written by D.H. Lawrence, who was a fantastic writer of the twentieth century. Moreover, British author, Michael H. Black, graduate from Cambridge University, wrote the article, D.H. Lawrence, informing, “D.H. Lawrence was first recognized as a…show more content…
The family in the story is by far wealthy people. However, the mother wants more money. To extend further, the text elaborates, “Although...they felt always an anxiety in the house. There was never enough money,” (page 1227). The mother mentions that they’re poor out of the entire family. In the story, there are a few children, one being a boy. The boy, Paul, is an important character in the story. He begins to speak to his mother about money and gets the impression that they are poor. This is where Paul comes up with the idea of getting money for his mother. Money, in this text, consumes the mother. Therefore, money defines people. Greedy people, such as the mother, struggle more in life and karma is thrown their way. Thus, article Money controls our lives. It's time to rethink our relationship with the almighty dollar by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, informs, “Money itself isn’t negative...our attitude towards money can...have a negative impact on our relationships and priorities.” According to Welby, money is only negative depending on who is in possession of the money. It’s obvious that the mother in the story is more glued to her own needs than her family’s. Money is powerful and can only be controlled by the people that possess
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