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In this essay I will write about the inferiority of women and their rough life at that period, from the perspective of feminist criticism, more precisely about Moll, the main character of this novel. In a patriarchal society like England, where women were inferior to men, with no rights and injustices, a woman like Moll, born in Newgate prison and without education, had no other chance, but to marry a man with a good fortune, in order to support her living. Moreover, in that time, marriage, people’s life and the fate were dominated by the power of money. Even if she lived in that patriarchal society, she proved intelligence, strength, she defended herself and she was determined to do anything, just to obtain what she wanted. Since childhood, Moll was an orphan. Her mother was transported to America and left her alone, with no money, no clothes, no friends, with nothing that a girl needs at that young age. She is taken by a nurse, a kind woman, who has proven to be a help and a support in Moll’s…show more content…
This is also one of the concerns in feminist criticism. Writing from a male perspective, Defoe finds it impossible to write an essay specifically on women’s rights without an infiltration of misogynist elements. He clearly accepts feminism and yet is unable to express this acceptance with a male viewpoint without going back to the patriarchal ideals so prevalent in his society. He seems to be suggesting that not the patriarchal system is guilty for how women are seen in society, and they are, because their lack of courage and their weaknesses. Moll is not like this, she breaks the feminine characteristics and she creates her own. She has no maternal feelings and it is easy for her to abandon her children. This reminds us that Moll was abandoned by her mother and she does exactly the same thing with her

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