Summary Of Daniel Pelka

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Daniel Pelka a four year old boy murdered at the hands of his mother, Magdelena Luczak and his stepfather Mariusz Krezolek. Daniel suffered a severe head injury. Previously, before Daniel’s death, teachers observed Daniel’s behavior while eating. He constantly stole food from the other children lunchboxes. Teachers noticed Daniel ate more fruit that was given. They detected that he appeared hungry and his weight dropped, but the school officials thought Daniel suffered from a genetic disorder. The teachers and the head of his school were surprised of Daniel’s starvation. They said his mother acted as if she was a concern parent. She did not exhibit malicious intent towards her son. The head of the school says, his staff proceeded with proper procedure and if they thought anything differently their response would have been different.…show more content…
Also, he would scream during the night. Another neighbor said he called the police and Daniel’s stepfather Marius Krezolek threaten him. This neighbor said Mr. Krezolek appeared as an aggressive individual, who did not speak. One day, the neighbor viewed Daniels stepfather shouting at the builders because of the noise and told the neighbor to make it stop or he would suffer the punishment. A third neighbor, states she is shocked to discover the news of Daniels family. She said she did not see the family often, but when she did everything seemed normal. She says, Daniel was well-mannered and peaceful child. Further, the officers say, they were unsuccessful in this case. They were called to the house twenty-seven times, but overlooked Daniel. They admitted, they let this four year old boy down. Nobody, gave Daniel a voice to speak about his life. Daniel was not questioned about his surrounding situation. They officers knew a portion of the situation, but ignored the facts of Daniels endangerment. The police said, they could have done more to protect this four year old
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