Summary Of Dante's Inferno By Gustave Dore

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Chief among the world’s frightening artworks are Gustave Dore’s 1861 Dante’s Inferno wood engraving. Dore’s depictions include over 63 scenes from Inferno, of Dante’s Divine Trilogy. A particularly frightening piece is Gluttony engraving. The engraving depicts the poet Virgil and Dante in the third layer of hell. The duo huddles together among a swarm of gluttons lying in a shallow sludge of human digestive fluid. The artist masterfully expresses various human forms of suffering through a process of engraving the original piece on a wooden stamp, and repeatedly stamping it onto other papers. The work was refined after every few weeks, until the stamp was completely ruined.

This engraving is meant to evoke emotions more frightening than any
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