Summary Of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas

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David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas is one gigantic novel, comprised of various interconnecting shorter stories. Each story effectively adds new themes, new characters, and new context to the novel as a whole, on top of bridging one tale to the next. In addition to this regiment, one story in particular goes the extra mile. An Orison of Sonmi-451 breaks the boundary of the novel, not only connecting its tale to the rest of the novel, but also connecting it’s story to the real world a reader is sitting in right now. Sonmi-451 is a work set in the future, where humans or “purebloods” have cloned servants called “fabricants” that take care of them, and do whatever purebloods require. The text manages to portray society from the eyes of a semi-enslaved fabricants and from the eyes of purebloods, expressing the faults within the one seen in An Orison of Sonmi-451. History goes to show that all great societies fall regardless of race or location: the Aztecs in the America’s, the Roman’s in Europe, the Mongols in Asia. Through An Orison of Sonmi-451, Mitchell is able to shed light on; how the breakdown of a singularly accepted truth and how the societal allowance of radical ideas heavily contributes to the…show more content…
The breakdown of a singularly accepted truth and how the societal allowance of radical ideas are two key points seen in An Orison of Sonmi-451 that are linked to the contribution of a great society’s destruction. A great society is one that can support the majority of the population in unity, regardless of ethical comprise, for an extended period of time. Throughout history, no great society has stayed on top forever, and as Mitchell expressed, those two points are present in every major societal downfall from the Mongol era, to the French Empire, to the futuristic, fabricant filled society of
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