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“The Wire” created by David Simon has been given an incredible amount of praise for its writing. Much of the reason it receives that praise can be seen in just the first 4 episodes of the show, such as the plethora of characters who each have their own unique motivations and personalities, and the hard truths of the world that the show is based around being shown to the viewer, often quite harshly. This harshness is integral to the core of the show’s excellent writing, that core being its completely linear storytelling. As of the fourth episode, the show contains absolutely no flashbacks or any kind of traveling on the timeline other then forward.
This style of storytelling leads to an interesting mixture of learning things as soon as other characters learn about
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Where this mixture shines the most is how it builds off itself. Due to the story presenting itself as always moving forward, When an important fact is revealed to the audience, an excitement or anxiety is built for when other characters also learn this fact. How those characters react to that and the facts themselves are the main and often only ways the audience ever learns about the multitude of characters. An example would be when Dee tells the story of when he shot one of Avon’s girlfriend’s because she was threatening to go to the police because of his other girls. This relates to the investigation earlier in the episode of that homicide, containing the famous “fuck” scene where McNulty and Bunk communicate only in the word “fuck” while investigating the scene. When Dee tells them about the murder, Bodie is impressed with him, while Poot is more interested in the girl. Both of these reactions further their character’s personalities in a way that is often

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