Summary Of Dear Or In Prison By George Duvall

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“Dead or in Prison”, is an autobiography written and based on the life of George Duvall. Through trial and hardship that most couldn’t even fathom, Duvall is able to avoid the prophecy bestowed upon him by his uncle, “you’ll be dead or in prison by the time you’re 13”(Duvall vi). Duvall’s writing for anyone from young adults to the elderly. The language he used while writing the book is simple; though the reader must be mature enough to reflect on the hardships Duvall faced and understand that some of the language in the book reflects the time period. This story spans from 1982, when Duvall’s uncle tells him of how dim his future looks, to 1996, when Duvall wrote “his Angel” and letter, thanking her for the incredible impact she had on his life. Duvall grew up in the projects on the East side of Lexington, Kentucky, where at the age of seven, Duvall went to…show more content…
Duvall is one of five kids, raised by single mother. The title of the book, “Dear or in Prison”, comes from an argument Duvall had with his uncle after he was caught stealing his drunk uncle’s wallet, who them proceeded to beat him and say, “Keep on doin’ this and you will be dead or in prison by the time you’re thirteen” (vi); . Duvall makes a point to mention that he was very close with his grandparents, who taught him many valuable lessons. The beginning of Duvall’s delinquent behavior began before the age of seven when he began stealing food and candy then stealing money and possessions from anyone. These actions earned Duvall respect within his crew, whom knew he was trouble and not to be messed with. The event that really changed Duvall’s life forever was stealing from a handicapped man in an arcade and then consequently being ratted out by his friends. After many previous court appearances; the judge decided that Duvall’s mother was not fit to be a parent and sent him to the Bluegrass Boys
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