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The book “Rebellion” by Dello Iacono, is a Historical novel about Medieval England in the 14th century. The main character of the book is Albert, who goes on missions with his father John, who is merchant. Albert and his father travel to different parts of England and Europe in the hopes of selling and trading goods. Sarah is another character in the book who is the wife of John, and Albert 's mother. She spends the majority of her time at home doing chores around the while John and Albert go throughout their day as merchants. Brother William is another character in the book who is Alberts brother, and works as a craftsmen in the town the family lives in. Three topics that are present throughout the book are religion, social class, and military…show more content…
Knights must undergo training stages so before a man must achieve the status of a knight. (Alchin). Albert started out as squire which most knights would be at the age of fourteen, but since his situation is special, he started at a much older age than what most people would begin the knighthood process at. The author however did make note of this by stating it was odd for Albert to start the squire process at such a late age, therefore showing the Iacono’s historical accuracy incorporated into the book. The author also mentioned that Albert learned the basic rules and codes that regard chivalry which are the moral, religious and social orders that knights must follow during their occupation as a knight. Alchin claims that part of being a squire is “to learn about Chivalry” which corroborates directly to what the author said Albert would doing as a squire (Alchin). Another part of Alberts experience as a squire that corroborated with Alchins information about Medieval knights was “the practice and use of weapons” that one would need to become a knight. Albert started the page process when he was fourteen. This is because of the act he was caught doing with the rebellious group of people and the Archbishop sentenced him into becoming a knight instead of being killed or fined. The author, however, talks about how this is extremely unusual and wouldn 't happen if his father didn 't have connections with the archbishop of if Albert never saved him so the information her corroborates with what the author includes in

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