Summary Of Dido Armstrong's 'Freak The Geek'

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Dido Armstrong stated, “I like being a strong independent woman, and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own.”What she meant is that once you are independent nothing can ever scare you. Being a independent also describes Kayley, a high schooler at Hoover Preparatory School for Girls. Kayley from “Freak the Geek” by John Green is independent because she actually likes physics (antithetical to her classmates), has an opinion and is not afraid to share it, and beyond everything else, leads Lauren in a time of crisis. The first reason Kayley is an independent girl is that she actually likes physics, contrary to the opinions her classmates. This is revealed in line two of paragraph six when Lauren says.“Kayley, who actually likes physics…” The word ‘actually’ hints she is the odd one out from the rest of her classmates due to her different opinions. When in physics class, Lauren drones on about how the other kids in her class never pay attention and goof off while Kayley actually sits and listens. For example, she says a couple girls were arguing over…show more content…
She knows the drill. She is one of the geeks in her class, and she is about to get freaked. Kayley is clearly annoyed at the girls at the time as she states on line seven of paragraph ten, “Paintballs...You disappoint me, ladies.” She means that in the past geeks were pulled by the ankle and dunked in the river or tortured in some other way that was worse than paintballing. Lauren, clearly frightened, follows her. Moreover, on line nine of paragraph eleven, Kayley shouts, “Lauren, come on. Fast.” This proves that she is leading Lauren. Lauren was actually thankful because she said on line ten of paragraph ten, she says,” You’re a f’ing folk hero, K?- -”Leading someone in a time of crisis is definitely one way to be
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