Summary Of Disney's Beauty And The Beast

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Disney 's Beauty and the Beast manages to overcome some unnecessary tweaks to the narrative to deliver a fantastic experience for all comers.


Not much about this story has changed. Belle (Emma Watson) is a book-worm who uses her novels as an escape from her mundane existence in her her tiny French village. The town heartthrob Gaston (Luke Evans) desperately want to wed Belle (mainly because she’s repulsed by him). However, Belle wants just to be left alone. Her father (played by Kevin Kline) heads off to sell one of his inventions at a local market but takes a wrong turned as in imprisoned by a beast (Dan Stevens). Belle tracks down her father’s captor and offers to take his place, and her dad is set free. What some might see as this end of Belle might be the start of something special.

Beauty And The Beast

What Worked

Luke Evans was a fantastic choice to play Gaston. He was equal parts arrogant and childish. What made his portrayal of the most arrogant man in France so special was the smidge of humanity to the role. As Gaston is "wooing" Belle, he doesn 't understand how his moves don 't have the same effect it has had on many ladies. He comes off as hurt, but his hurt turns to anger rather quickly.

Ewan McGregor was a great pick to portray Lumière. While some have taken his issue with his less than perfect French accent, his character is meant to be eccentric, a showman, a lover, and compassionate person for which he pulls off in spades. If you are going to
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