Adaptation In Disney's Beauty And The Beast

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Disney 's Beauty and the Beast manages to overcome some unnecessary tweaks to the narrative to deliver a fantastic experience for all comers.


Not much about this story has changed. Belle (Emma Watson) is a book-worm who uses her novels as an escape from her mundane existence in her her tiny French village. The town heartthrob Gaston (Luke Evans) desperately want to wed Belle (mainly because she’s repulsed by him). However, Belle wants just to be left alone. Her father (played by Kevin Kline) heads off to sell one of his inventions at a local market but takes a wrong turned as in imprisoned by a beast (Dan Stevens). Belle tracks down her father’s captor and offers to take his place, and her dad is set free. What some might see as this
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Chobsky is best known for his work in adapting The Perks of being a Wallflower and his partner Splliotopoulos is best known for writing The Huntsman: Winters War. I wished this writing team had picked up on the success of their predecessor Chris Weitz (the man who adapted Cinderella). Weitz maintained his focused on what he could do to enhance the narrative. Chobsky and Spilliotopoulos made little tweaks to the story with the purpose of making Belle appeared more empowered. Why? Belle is plenty empowered, to begin with. Did I know why Belle 's father moved to a small remote village in France? Did we need a scene of her dying mother sacrificing to save Belle and her husband? Oh, Wait! Now that we have seen his mother being fearless, Belle is going to be the same. Chobsky and Spillotopoulos should have understood that they were caretakers of a popular narrative and focused on enhancing what was already there.

Final Thoughts

Beauty and The Beast overcomes the desires of a few overzealous screenwriters and delivers on many levels. If you are a hardcore Disney fan, seeing these iconic musical numbers executed in live action is astounding. If you are looking for a film that will entertain the entire family, you can 't ask for more than
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