Summary Of Don Delillo's White Noise

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Chapter No 3 Research Methodolog This research is qualitative which is dealing with the issues of depthlesness in Don Delillo 's novel White Noise 1985. In this research the issues of cultural consumerism and toxicate air are found. The problems of depthlesness are read by the theory of post modernism given by the Fredrick jameson. In which he demonstrate the reason which make the people unable to differentiate among the reality and artificial. Data has been collected by usin different resources. Liberary research including encyclopidias journals has been used to finalize this paper. The internet was also a helpful research tool. This research is basically analytical in nature and follows MLA format,
3.1 Theoritical framework This design framework lays out the structure and flow of the study. It describes the analysis of this study, which is based on the cultural consumerism and toxicated air of the novel.
The main concept is to explore the society whre the real has been disappeared. This study examines the consumerism 's effect on people 's mind and health. The issue is that the life of the common man is under the enviornmental hazards. Technology is a great causes of destruction, death and sadness. The literary theory of postmodernism is start from the tension and sadness after the World War 2. The idea of the postmoden condition is sometimes characterised as a cultural stripped of its capacity to function in any linear states as opposed to the
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