Summary Of Don T Blame The Eater

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“Don’t blame the Eater” is an essay written by David Zinczenko which claims that fast food restaurants are the source of obese children. Since Zinczenko’s food choices as a child were limited, he became an overweight 212 pound teenager because he would eat at fast-food venders twice a day (241). After his time in college, he joined the Navy and embraced a healthy lifestyle by getting involved in a health magazine (Zinczenko, 241). He believes that fast-food companies are “vulnerable,” and he warns the industries to protect their consumers because there will be kids launching lawsuits against them (Zinczenko 243). Zinczenko makes an excellent point about the need for nutritional labels on fast food items. However, people are responsible for what they eat, while parents are responsible for what their children eat and if a young child grows up to be an overweight adult, he has the ability to turn his life around and enhance his health by making smart choices similar to Zinczenko.…show more content…
Zinczenko states that some fast food restaurants do provide nutritional information but they are hard to understand and the alternatives offered by fast food industries are not healthy meals a person should being eating daily (242). The argument that Zinczenko constructs about the alternatives containing “half of the government’s recommended daily calorie intake” could be valid (243). However, the essay was published in 2002 and there are many healthier alternatives provided by fast food companies today such as healthy salads, deli wraps and variety of juices. Nevertheless, I understand the author’s point about fast food restaurants and it is important that they supply the nutritional values on items because some people may not realize the contents that they are
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