Summary Of Down To The Crossroads By Aram Goudsouzian

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The Book Down to the crossroads was an aspiring novel written by Aram Goudsouzian. The Book talks about a famous march called the Meredith March and how it was a turning point in history. It also talks about civil rights heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. and James Meredith. The book was also on civil rights and black power. The book gives a powerful message on how Black People stood up for their rights and fought for justice. On June 5, 1966, the civil rights hero James Meredith left Memphis, Tennessee, on foot. Setting off toward Jackson, Mississippi, he hoped his march would promote black voter registration and defy racism. The next day, he was shot by a mysterious white man and transferred to a hospital. One of the most important events followed this. The leading figures of the civil rights movements flew into Mississippi to do what James Meredith was doing and to carry on his effort. During the…show more content…
Tracking rural demonstrators courage and impassioned debates among movement leaders, Goudsouzian reveals the complex legacy of an event that would both integrate African Americans into the political system and inspire an era of boulder protests against it. Full of drama and historical resonance. I think this was a very good book, also it had a strong message to convey by showing the african americans stand up for their civil rights and for their justice. They faced many obstacles, even death but that did not stop them from doing what they thought was right. I feel like this book was pretty good, but it could have been better because at certain points i felt bored by reading it and was not intrigued. I have seen people protesting for what is right in dc like when students had a school walk out. This was related to that because people were standing up for what was right and did not fear the

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