Dream Girls Movie Analysis

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The movies Dream girls and Sparkle are very similar and empowering for that time in which it came out. The director or Dream girls is Bill Condon who also directed two Twilight movies. Then the director of Sparkle is Salim Akil who directed the television show The Game. Both films covey the theme of girl musical entertainment trying to make it in the music industry. Each movie shows the struggles of how tough it is for women to get in the industry, also the toll it takes on others involved in the process.
Dream girls was brought to the big screen in 2006. It is about a girl group trying to make it big time. They face issues on getting the right manager, going from background singers to front line singers, love, how to make money, and division in the group. The group takes a break
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The audience saw everything play out. But in Sparkle the audience had to hear it from the narrator and watch it unfold as it was told. The audience experienced it how the narrator experienced it. Dream girls whatever happened the audience saw and was apart of it. The two films were similar. The both dealt with music and the angles on how the show happened where very close. The structure had someone in each film struggle and fall from the pressure of stardom. Both films did a good job presenting the theme just in different ways.
The sound in both films was incredible. The crew managed to get the songs to match the singer’s lips and there was no fed back. In Dream girls some women had solo songs where the audience can feel the power in their voices. Also, in Sparkle when she was singing quietly the crew hushed the surrounding noise where all the audience could hear was her singing. The whisper even spoke volumes. In Dream girls the power the singers had projected through all technology and it was made as if they were singing effortlessly. The music was used equally in both films. It had its element to better the
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