Summary Of Eating Out By Susan Minot

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The conflict is the line of events that happen before and after sex. The feeling before is a sinking feeling, a black hole that you can’t pull yourself out of. Afterwards, it’s like you’ve hit the bottom. The shame washes over you and you realize that you didn’t mean anything to him. This story was not told chronologically, instead she jumps between the men she was with giving examples of how each one got to her and how they left her. This way of storytelling allows for much of the details and fillers to be left out, with just the examples and main points put in. This story doesn’t have a beginning or an end, its point is to explain a feeling to the reader. To try and have you feel and understand what it is like to be girl and have sex with more than one man.…show more content…
Personally I do identify with her. Growing up in a Christian household, my parents gave me sex education starting at a young age and they also engrained into me that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage. This thought stayed in my mind for time being under their roof. However, once I left, I began to experience some of what Susan Minot describes. The sense of loss and shame was understated in this story in my opinion. This story is very real to me. In the story, the narrator grows emptier as she adds another man she slept with to her list until finally, she has disappeared altogether. The story takes place in her high school years, which now is where students are first losing their virginity most
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