Summary Of Eightee Schopenhauer's 'Of Women'

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. In his essay “Of Women”, Schopenhauer claims that one need only glance at a woman to determine that she is incapable and inept of undergoing any great feat, which is beneficial to her as no aspect of her life, whether it be child-bearing or being submissive towards her husband, calls not upon her to depict any great strength. Women perfectly fit the role of nurses or teachers, of only early childhood due to their lifelong childishness and frivolous nature. Schopenhauer refers to Nature itself granting women with all necessary equipment to serve as the feminine character, which means her teenage beauty and charm lasts until after the first or second infant where it then disappears, as they then become needless. Intellectual maturity is reached at the age of…show more content…
Women should not be assigned their husband’s title, should not be assigned one at all as there are inferior in every aspect to the opposite sex. The Number-Two human race should only regard their home and only be educated in religion and read only of virtue and cooking. Perhaps even as Schopenhauer proposed a man should be permitted to take a second wife as there are occasions when a man can be stuck with only his wife who may be ill, barren, or too old, as polygamy only benefits women as well. Women who become widowed can often inherit money or land, where if they are even allowed to control such things, they should be appointed a counselor to it so they do not waste it along with the fortune. Schopenhauer claimed that women should never be left to control their children alone either, due to their short-lived, initial connection to their children in comparison to their husband’s. The female status of our social scheme is the fundamental defect glaring in our institution. Every woman is meant to serve as an obedient and submissive to a husband that they allow to rule and guide them as a lord, master, lover if she is young, and priest if she is an old
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