Character Analysis Of Mr. Knightley In Jane Austen's Emma

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In the novel Emma the struggle of author for a moral values is successful. Mr. Knightley is a genuine character and model of good sense in the novel. He is shown as a real person in the novel who is straight forward man. He is the only one who could see faults in Emma and only one who ever told her about them. Mr. Knightley, to Mr. Weston, on knowing Emma since she was a child, “She will never submit it anything requiring industry and patience, and a subject of the fancy to the understanding. Where Miss Taylor failed to stimulate, I may safely affirm that Harriet smith will do nothing. You never could persuade her to read half so much as you wished. You know you could not.” Emma believed him and correct herself, because she knows that he is honest and not flattering. This character of Mr. Knightley suits him and never show…show more content…
He did his character very beautifully, the way he notices Emma and the relationship status with her father and others character seems real. While on the other hand Emma the protagonist shown to be real, intelligent and beautiful in the novel, but sometime its feel that she is not as intelligent as she shown. In the novel it is shown that she has matchmaking abilities, but she was confused about herself that either Mr. Knightley is good for her or Frank Churchill. Sometime, she thought that Mr. Churchill liked her and sometime she thought that Mr. Knightley understand and knew her very well. She was shown a bit fake in her character. The author tried to portrait her a girl who is protagonist, cleaver and real, but she is not as real as author tried.
Similarly, in the novel Pride and Prejudice Mrs. Bennet’s character is so real and like typical
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