Summary Of Ender's Game

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1. The military wants Ender to be isolated without friends and parents because he has to believe that he has to solve his own problems and that nobody can ever help him out, ever. He’d be ruined if he once thought there was an easy way out and avoid complications. Ender has to learn to be independent and rely on his own self. 2. The boys took all the good bunks and left Ender with the bottom bunk by the door, which is for the elected chief officer of the Launch group. It’s ironic because the military is hoping for Ender to become a military commander and defeat the buggers. 3. To succeed at the academy, Mick tells Ender to eat nutritious stuff to stay strong. He also told Ender to make friends and be a leader to have a chance to go to Tactical School. Mick told Ender to “Kiss butts if you’ve got to, but if the other guys despise you—you know what I mean?” (Card, page 43) 4.…show more content…
Ender stops Bernard’s attempt to be ruler of the room by cracking the computer system. He figures out how to create a file for a nonexistent student and humiliates Bernard by saying that he likes butts. Ender was happy about it because it didn’t involve hurting him and sending him to the hospital. He had also contained Bernard and the boys were finally free of his rein. 5. Ender’s isolation is over because he no longer sat alone at meals. He was finally talked to the other boys because they no longer worried about Bernard tormenting them. Ender started to enjoy the Battle School at
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