Summary Of Eric Catron's In The Dark

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In the dark there will always be light-Eric Catron. Bad situations normally call for not so good attitudes, but think, if you stay positive in a dastardly situation it could help not only yourself, but everyone around you. We recently read an excerpt from a book which contained the story of a young boy of the holocaust. In his story contains the sadness that the jewish people endured during time spent in camps designed to torture and frighten all of the jewish population, well the ones in the concentration camps. Though even in these dark hours he still tried to keep a positive attitude. That boy,which later grew to a man that helped survivors of the holocaust, helped keep himself calm, give others hope, and overall help improve the whole situation.
To start, keeping others calm is probably the most important thing to do in unpleasant situations. Like the boy did in the excerpt that we read, maintaining calmness could prevent others from doing stupid things. We as a human species tend to do stupid things when we are scared or worried. In the long run we really don’t mean to, but things happen and we can’t control them. In situations ere things
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Hope, that is one powerful word. Hope is the one thing we have to have to do anything to work you have to have hope to be better off, or if you are going to chemotherapy if you are ill. If you did not have any hope then there is no need for that treatment, and even going day to day requires hope. So if one person keeps the hope of others high, there is nothing that they can’t accomplish. In comparison one man with hope in his heart is the equivalent to one hundred men. So if we can give a group that is in a serious situation we can have an army of people. For example Japan after the tsunami was awful. Families split apart homes destroyed jobs lost communities just wiped away but when other countries came to help it gave the country hope and with that hope came the thousands of workers they
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